Daniel Wolfson Accountant

Solve problems
take opportunities
get better financial returns

Real Financial Management

RFM is our proposition for adding value to what we do for you.

  • RFM has a strategy question: 'What do you want your business to do for you?'
  • RFM is about achieving tactical objectives: solving problems, taking opportunities, getting better financial returns.
  • RFM analyses business development and options for profit improvement.
  • RFM gives you management information in order to make better financial decisions.
  • RFM brings together your business and personal financial life to help you work towards having the things you want to have.
  • RFM looks at your now and your future: where else are you going to be?

If you want to talk about you, we want to listen; and together, start a plan that joins your financials with your future.

To start talking call me, Nigel Grant, on 01923 856008. Or e-mail your contact details to

Especially developed for small
businesses, BP..P! is a Consulting
Accountancy and Financial Management
process which includes the 'Plus!' of a
Marketing and Sales 'kicker'. In thinking
about how you could benefit from BP..P!
you may recognise individual situations
that prompt you to engage with us:

  • > Wanting to know which areas of profit to develop
  • > Suffering from cashflow or debtor stress
  • > Needing to source the right finance package
  • > Not experiencing the personal rewards you think you should
  • > Having concerns about the future

Contact us for an initial meeting - without
charge or obligation. We will ask
questions and you will do most of the
talking; we will explore the Key Strategy
Question and we will explore your future
- it might be something you like!